Turning Pigs in Pork

I helped butcher 2 pigs at someones farm.  This was my second time doing it so I knew what to expect.  It is hard work. But if you like bacon or ribs ... it's where your food comes from.  These folks really respected their hogs and tried to use as much as possible so almost nothing goes to waste.


Processing Chickens joe Sun, 06/14/2015 - 15:03

I went to a workday at Crazy Woman Farm where a group of folks got together to process chickens.  This was my first time it wasn't too bad.  We did about 20 of them so we got to a "production" line process.


Wow spring has sprung


It has been a busy spring.  Most of the fruit trees seem to have made it through the winter with those 20 F nights hopefully all gone.  Plums, pears, peaches, mullberry and nectarines all have fruit starting.  We took a hit on most of the citrus - not sure if they will all pull through.  I have gotten a lot of seedling trees and berries to add to the orchard and building nursery inventory. 

Propaganda from WWII work on the farm

We went to the World War II museum in New Orleans I was really depressed by most of what is on display.  War isn't good for anyone.  I found the propaganda posters pretty interesting.  These two are sort of farm related.  

Help the war effort and work on a farm.... and don't keep any extra stuff just your "fair share"

There were a bunch of posters (about Japanese and Germans) that are too racist for me to show.  Did you know that Russia and China where on "our" side during WWII? Not so much after.

Happy New Year


Happy new year.  We stayed up till midnight last night and there were lots of "fire works" going off in the neighborhood.  My resolution is to better document what is going on around here.  

We have our new pond built the plumbing was just finished yesterday.  It is still filling up with water -- that is about a 3 week process going 3 or so hours a day.  More to come including many more pictures.




I have lots of oak trees, so why not try to grow some mushrooms.  I orderec some Shiitake mushroom growing plugs from Southeast Mushroom.  They were delivered quickly with detailed instructions.  I setup three logs with the 100 plugs and laid them in a shaded area near a water hose.  I should be seeing mushrooms in 6 to 9 months -- it is on my farm calendar.


Phase 2


It has been a while since my last update - I have been very busy getting things setup for the homesite.. the good news is that I have been living at Timucua Forest fulltime since March 1st.  It is a real test of project management to get everything done. From getting the well drilled to the certificate of occupancy / completion of home interior was just under 6 months including the Christmas holiday season.  That took over 20 different trades / surveys / engineering study / inspections and some really big checks.