Phase 2


It has been a while since my last update - I have been very busy getting things setup for the homesite.. the good news is that I have been living at Timucua Forest fulltime since March 1st.  It is a real test of project management to get everything done. From getting the well drilled to the certificate of occupancy / completion of home interior was just under 6 months including the Christmas holiday season.  That took over 20 different trades / surveys / engineering study / inspections and some really big checks.

We are now the proud owners of a really nice "double-wide" - which seems like a nice house from the inside. While we wanted a site built cypress log home the reality of how much that would cost (2.5X) and the time it would take to be able to move in (3X) just made the decision for us. We also have a 600 sq ft metal workshop to store tools / stuff.  

Part of the deal with the home was building a 2 ft "pad" to get above the 100 year flood level - that got me a good start on a pond.  Unfortunately as I had proven before we are pretty much on a big pile of sand - so I have a little water in the pond for a few days after a good rain.  It has been really nice to have it started because I can see how the water flows around the home site - I have the pond in the right place.  We hope to get phase 2 of the pond done this summer (money is not unlimited) making it larger and lining it to hold water - I want about 1/10 acre about 6 ft deep it is approx 1/2 that size now.

We have just about one acre of land as the homesite I have a small annual garden started and just planted 12 fruit trees.  My friends the cactus make any planting a real job -- I took six 5-gallon buckets out of the garden area.


pawpaw plant
early pond