Guineas ??


As I have been working / enjoying our forest it has become clear that we have lots of ticks.  Now I am a very "live and let live" kind of a person but if the ticks want my blood (I have several scars from fresh tick bites) they have to go.

One possible solution may be Guinea Hens -- seems they love to eat ticks and are very hardy.  It will take a while before I can test this out but I was researching it today.

Here is a 20 year old Mother Earth News article   This is a link to someone that wrote the "book" on raising guineafowl they have some news stories about them controling ticks.

Seems you can buy the eggs at various places - West Knoll Farm in SC which I found on Backyard Chickens .... but then you would have to learn how to hatch them.  But I guess this is all part of the program..


Guinea Fowls