Catching Up


It has been a while ... we have been working hard here.

Construction update:
We now live here full time in a 1,600 sq ft house with a huge screened in front porch.
I harvested my first small crop of mushrooms they were really good. I think I will expand that operation sometime this winter.
We started a good size summer garden with lots of types of peppers and tomato's but it didn't do very well - mostly due to my inexperience. For a fall garden I built 6 raised beds filled with mushroom compost -- this worked great I have an over abundance of greens and got lots of radishes. This November we have already had 3 nights below freezing – starting november 3rd. Last week 2 nights both went down to mid-20's that knocked out a lot of the other crops I had planted we will see how that works out.
Fruit Trees:
I now have about 50 fruit and nut trees / shrubs planted. The citrus got hit pretty hard by the 2 nights of very cold but I think they will survive. So far everything is still alive except one Hazelnut tree that had it's roots eaten by something. There are over 30 different varieties planted so far. From almonds to satsuma. All were planted starting this spring - I was able to pick a few plums, figs, blueberries, limequats and mulberries so far. In a few years if things go well Timucua Forest will have fruit to pick all year long. 


Garden after 2 nights of well below freezing
Lots of varieties of fruit trees make me happy