Buying some land !!

While my permaculture activity has pretty much been limited to watching youtube and listening to podcasts I have a big announcement!!!

I have a contract to purchase 21 acres in North Florida near White Springs. We should close by early April. I am really looking forward to this -- I know it will be a slow process but I am excited.

The land (which needs a name) is now 1/3 dense oak - mostly smaller -- this is the back part. The front 2/3 have some open areas and some native pine along with lots of oak tress. Along the access road are thick oak / shrubs so it is very private. There is a driveway with a small drivable trail that leads back to a clearing of maybe 2-3 acres.

The land is about 1/3 mile down a dirt road that is in pretty good shape - there are only 3 homes before my driveway. The surrounding properties are all similar - we are part of over a square mile of woods with no cross roads. The area connects to woods that go for miles and miles.

Most of the land is considered "flood plain" for the Suwannee River but there are no accurate elevation markers to really determine what is and is not above the "100 year flood" elevation. Walking it a few times the land seems high and dry and I don't think it flooded during the recent flooding of 2011 which was very high. I do know the main road leading to it from White Springs was blocked but there are 2 alternate access methods that I am not sure of.

My goal is to start understanding the "lay" of the land and find some good spots to start developing food forests. I need stuff there that will be self sufficient once it is established. North Florida supports a wide variety of fruit trees / shrubs and some nuts like pecans. There is plenty of potential for each of the "layers" in a food forest. The area gets a good amount of rain - wet in the long summer and dryer in the winter. The soil is very much 'sand' as is most of the state. I will be needing lots of mulchable stuff.

our block
Flood zone map
Soil Map